Cork Recycling Bin (photo by Pete Byer)

Green Info

One of the biggest excuses for not recycling, is not knowing. This page will help you figure it out in Oak Park

Bring to Green Home Experts

Wine Corks: We collect cork and send it to ReCork. At this time we are not able to accept rubber or synthetic corks. Batteries: We collect all household batteries for recycling for $.70/lb. Batteries are sent to an EPA-certified Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste, a facility that scraps the batteries for metal recycling.

Paint: All water-based (enamel) paints are recyclable at Green Home Experts, regardless of the condition of the paints or cans. Quart containers are $2.00 each and gallon containers are $3.00 each. We send them to a facility that reprocesses the paints into new paints or concrete fillers.

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